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Water Base Epoxy Basement Waterproofing

Water Base Epoxy Basement Waterproofing

Water Base Epoxy is a two component water base epoxy that can withstand in excess of 40psi in federal testing. There is no coating available today that can successfully hold back hydrostatic pressure to the level. resists peeling, blistering or flaking due to moisture, & because it is an epoxy resin formula, it has excellent freeze/thaw durability, superior adhesion, & high chemical resistance. Water Base Epoxy blocks out the elements yet allows concrete surfaces to breath. Residual water vapor escapes before damage can occur inside the concrete.


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Water Base Epoxy is a safe, solvent free material that is easy to apply with brushes, rollers or airless spray gun. For Interior & Exterior Masonry Surfaces. Reduces Moisture & Stops Seepage up to 40 PSI. Protects & Preserves Masonry. Concrete & cement block are porous & can’t stand up to the elements alone. The corrosive action of water passing through masonry eats away at these surfaces causing breakdown & seepage. Water Base Epoxy Basement Waterproofing penetrates masonry surfaces above & below grade for maximum protection. No other concrete sealant works quite like Water Base Epoxy. Water Base Epoxy penetrates the pores of the surface & cures for an unmatched bond forming a permanent reliable layer of protection that water cannot pass through.

Benefits of Water Base Epoxy Basement Waterproofing:

  • STOPS SEEPAGE – resists hydrostatic pressure in excess of 40 psi.
  • RESISTS MOLD – anti microbial coating that will not support mold growth. Apply to damp surfaces.
  • COLOR GREY – please call for custom pigmented colors. Waterproof and beautify your basement & walls
  • Resists Hydrostatic pressure Interior, below grade walls with stands hydrostatic pressure of over 40 PSI without leaking, exceeding Federal Specification TT-P-001411
  • Water Resistance Will effectively protect substrate and prevent the absorption of exterior moisture as tested using Wind Driven Rain Machine in accord with Federal Specification TTC-001224
  • Efflorescence Control The passage of water through masonry units dissolves free lime and other salts including sodium, calcium or potassium, carrying them to the outer surface. The salts then crystallize to form efflorescence, an objectionable discoloration of the surface.
  • Solvent Free Contains water extended resins that cure by catalytic polymerization.
  • No unpleasant odor Since there are no toxic or odorous solvents. it can be used in occupied areas with no discomfort including schools, homes, and hospitals. It is also ecologically safe and acceptable.
Water Base Epoxy Basement Waterproofing
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